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Award-winning, ​weekly​ ​​pro-​wrestling ​podcast. Join the guys​ ​as they talk everything and anything in the world of pro-wrestling. A slice of reality mixed with a little bit of humor! If you’re sick and tired of listening to all of those other wrestling podcasts, ​then listen to Another Wrestling Podcast!

May 29, 2015

Episode 54: Tough Enough Special: Part 2

In this episode the guys are telling it like it is in their "Tough Enough" talk as they continue their discussion about the brand new season debuting soon. Joining us are former "Tough Enough" winners Jackie Haas & Daniel Puder along with a tough enough hopeful Keith Apicary!
May 21, 2015

Episode 53: Land of the Giants with Tyrus

In this episode the guys hardly celebrate their 1 year anniversary as they tiptoe into the land of the giants, while talking about some of the big guys who graced the squared circle of yesterday and today! TNA superstar Tyrus joins us as he reflects on the past, present and future!
May 15, 2015

Episode 52: Tough Enough Special: Part 1

In this episode the guys are going to show you who is tough enough! Come take the journey down memory lane on what "Tough Enough" is all about 
and what the future holds in the brand new season debuting soon. Joining us are former "Tough Enough" contestants Eric Watts, AJ Kirsch & Jeremiah Riggs!
May 7, 2015

Episode 51: Don’t Call It a Comeback with DDP & Dr. Tom Prichard

In this episode the guys are talking about some of the best comebacks to ever happen in the WWE.  Joining them is the man behind DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page as well as The Doctor of Desire, Dr. Tom Prichard. 
May 1, 2015

Episode 50: Making You Humble with The Iron Sheik

In this episode the guys are humbled on their 50th episode as they are joined by the legendary Iron Sheik! Jian Magen also joins us to talk about "The Sheik" documentary and how it all came about. They also talk about the number one prize in all of pro wrestling, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.