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Award-winning, ​weekly​ ​​pro-​wrestling ​podcast. Join the guys​ ​as they talk everything and anything in the world of pro-wrestling. A slice of reality mixed with a little bit of humor! If you’re sick and tired of listening to all of those other wrestling podcasts, ​then listen to Another Wrestling Podcast!

September 24, 2015

Episode 74: Politically Correct with Tatanka

In this episode the guys are getting politically correct! Are the gimmicks today too PC? Were the characters of yesterday pushing the envelope? Also what were some of the most politically incorrect moments that ever happened! 
Stopping by is WWE legend Tatanka. He talks about his Native American roots, his thoughts on the future of wrestling and a whole lot more!
September 18, 2015

Episode 73: The nWo with Scott Hall

In this episode the guys talk about the biggest faction to ever happen in pro wrestling, The New World Order! They discuss if the group was most effective with only three members, and if in the end was there just too much nWo? Joining them is WWE Hall of Famer and original nWo member Scott Hall. He talks about his SummerSlam weekend experience, his thoughts on NXT, and the possibility of coming back to work for the WWE behind the scenes and more!
September 11, 2015

Episode 72: An Evolution of Finishing Moves with Rhyno

In this episode the guys are discussing how finishing moves have evolved over time. Are today's finishers over used or a tribute to the past? Joining them is former ECW alumni and current NXT superstar Rhyno! Also stopping by is Nick D'Angelo as he talks about the return of CTWE!
September 4, 2015

Episode 71: The Hardcore Truth with Sabu

In this episode the guys venture off into the land of hardcore wrestling. They talk about some of the most hardcore companies, matches and wrestlers that have come and gone. Stopping by is the The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Maniac, Sabu, as he talks to us about his career, ECW & what really happened with PWS.