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Award-winning, ​weekly​ ​​pro-​wrestling ​podcast. Join the guys​ ​as they talk everything and anything in the world of pro-wrestling. A slice of reality mixed with a little bit of humor! If you’re sick and tired of listening to all of those other wrestling podcasts, ​then listen to Another Wrestling Podcast!

July 29, 2016

Episode 118: Women of Honor with Mandy Leon

In this episode the guys talk about how the tides are shifting in the world of women's wrestling. From a Divas Revolution to a Women's Revolution, it's been a long road the past few years, but the women are finally back in the forefront of the conversation. They also dive into the New Era of the WWE with the brand split being in full effect, the new WWE Women's champion and the return of old faces to Smackdown. Stopping by this week is a Woman of Honor Mandy Leon. She talks to us about getting into wrestling, finding a school to train, what sets her apart from other women, Ring of Honor, Northeast Wrestling & a whole lot more!
July 22, 2016

Episode 117: Drafted into Battle with Kevin Thorn

In this episode the guys discuss the results of this week's draft as they wonder what the future holds for the WWE landscape. Touching on some of the biggest moments of the draft including what they think the biggest surprise was, they also analyze Cesaro's fiery post draft promo. Then they dive into WWE's Battleground, giving their predictions of this years show. Joining us this week is former WWE superstar Kevin Thorn. He talks to us about growing up in Tennessee, his time in OVW, The New ECW, and what he's up to today. All this and a whole lot more!
July 15, 2016

Episode 116: 3rd Generation with Lance Anoa’i

In this episode the guys dive into WWE's wellness policy and how it's changed the wrestling landscape for good. They also talk about Brock Lesnar's UFC 200 win, the brand split coming up as well as The New Day & The Wyatt's vs The Final Deletion. Stopping by is a third generation wrestler, Lance Anoa'i. He talks to us about growing up in the business, training with his dad, his family & his thoughts on how the fans treat Roman Reigns. All this and a whole lot more!
July 8, 2016

Episode 115: Urban Legends with Christina Von Eerie

In this episode the guys are discussing Urban Legends in the pro wrestling universe. They touch upon the funny and horrifying ones such as the fake Ultimate Warrior, was Bret in on the Montreal Screw Job and The Benoit Murders to name a few. They also talk about Brock Lesnar's UFC match this weekend and what his chances are. Joining us this week is GFW's Women's Champion Christina Von Eerie. She talks to us about what needs to happen to continue the growth of women's wrestling, the idea of a WWE Women's Championship Classic, what she's currently up to & a whole lot more!
July 1, 2016

Episode 114: Parties & Pipe Bombs with Adam Rose

In this episode the guys celebrate the 5th anniversary of the infamous CM Punk Pipe Bomb! The guys give their thoughts about the infamous day. Did the PB usher in change, and is the WWE better now because of it? They also talk about Rollins and Ambrose exposing Reigns on RAW & Brock Lesnar landing the cover of 2K17! Stopping by off the Exotic Express is former WWE superstar Adam Rose! He talks to us about his name change to Aldo, his time in FCW, Leo Kruger, his main roster handling of Adam Rose & a whole lot more! Don't be a lemon!