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Award-winning, ​weekly​ ​​pro-​wrestling ​podcast. Join the guys​ ​as they talk everything and anything in the world of pro-wrestling. A slice of reality mixed with a little bit of humor! If you’re sick and tired of listening to all of those other wrestling podcasts, ​then listen to Another Wrestling Podcast!

Episode 94: Early Retirement with Headbanger Thrasher

February 12, 2016
In this episode the guys are reflecting on how real life can impact a fictional world. With the recent retirement of Daniel Bryan, they discuss how other super stars had to do the same and retire too soon because of injury. They also discuss what could be done to prolong the careers and livelihood of the wrestlers. Stopping by is former WWE tag team champion, WWE Hardcore Champion & NWA tag team champion Glenn Ruth aka Thrasher. He talks to us about training at the Monster Factory, how the headbangers were brought into the WWE, the attitude era and a whole lot more!